Welcome to my French resources site. The seed of the idea for this site was planted during the 30 years I spent teaching French and German at schools in the UK. The paucity of opportunities for speaking was always a concern. Speaking activities commonly used in the classroom, and used for testing for examinations, were role-plays and presentations. Dialogues could be practised in only a limited fashion by encouraging students to work in pairs, but time for this was severely limited. Computer programs which could encourage speaking were not available at the time. If only we could somehow provide a better way for students to work together to accomplish a goal, but still have the instant feedback and engagement offered by automated computer exercises.

The exercises on this site allow students to:

  • pair up to finish a worksheet together
  • compete individually or in teams to finish the work
  • ask their teacher for help
  • submit work to you via email or Twitter
  • track of their progress over time by keeping a portfolio of their work.
  • get instant feedback on their work without being shown the answers straight away.  I think it’s much better if they are given clues and can work out the right answer for themselves.
  • discuss the work together (under the teacher's control!)
  • practise their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills together online

The resources are all created using the Schoolshape Language Lab. Please visit their website for more information if you are interested in creating your own activities.

Next Steps

Browse the site. When you find something suitable for your class, point them to the site to complete it. They'll be able to submit work to you via email, Twitter or by hand. Alternatively, you can click the 'Set Work' button, which will let you set deadlines and other limits on your students, or the 'Adapt' button which lets you edit the worksheets before you send them to your students.

I particularly encourage you to take a look at the listening exercises, as these are difficult to find elsewhere. If you are preparing students for an AP exam, please take a look at the practice exams shared by OpenExam. Other highlights include a selection of practice materials to prepare for GCSE French exams and 'Une Dizaine de Chansons', a creative collection of French songs.


If you are a student wanting to use the site to learn French, then you first need a tutor, teacher, or friend who is willing to help you study. Pick any activity, then hit the 'Ask for help' button (or when you've finished, the 'Submit work' button) to invite them to join you.

“Every once and while someone sends me a super French site. This is one. For Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Level Students. Don't miss this one.” (Jim Becker, University of Northern Iowa)

“The boys really enjoyed completing the work during the holidays” (Durston House)
Schoolshape French Question Word Practice Schoolshape Ma Journée Scolaire 2: Presentation Schoolshape Que fais-tu pour aider à la maison? Speaking, Listening, house and home Schoolshape Un Voyage Scolaire 2: Presentation Speaking, at school, holidays Schoolshape Qu'est-ce qui ne va pas? Listening, health Schoolshape Comment ça va? Speaking, health Schoolshape Une Carte de la France in town Schoolshape Posez des questions! Writing, interrogative forms + est-ce que Schoolshape A Day in the School Holidays health, holidays, listening, daily routine, family & relationships Schoolshape Que fais-tu pour être en forme? Listening, house and home Schoolshape Que fais-tu aujourd'hui? Role-play speaking Schoolshape Au Syndicat d'Initiative listening, travel & directions Schoolshape La Piscine listening, greetings & etiquette, sport & hobbies, numbers, times, prices Schoolshape A la Réception de L'Hôtel holidays, listening Schoolshape Problèmes des profs en France listening, at school Schoolshape Des Français qui vivent à l'Etranger listening, countries & places Schoolshape L'Alcool, les Alcopops et les Adolescents reading, food & drink, smoking, alcohol & drugs Schoolshape Huis-clos writing, reading Schoolshape Le gruyère (Cloze) listening Schoolshape Des éoliennes en haute mer (Cloze) writing, listening Schoolshape L'école d'Hô-Chi-Minh-Ville (Cloze) writing, listening Schoolshape Le rendez-vous des loisirs (Cloze) reading, listening Schoolshape Projets à l’école listening Schoolshape Tour de Bretagne 1: listening Schoolshape La Date de mon Anniversaire: Listening and Spelling Practice: writing, listening, family & relationships Schoolshape Semaine pour sauver les animaux (Cloze): reading, listening Schoolshape In a French Town: Schoolshape Mon Ecole listening, at school Schoolshape Tennis: Martina Hingis reading, listening, sport & hobbies Schoolshape Coupe du Monde: Zidane Coup de Boule 2006 Chanson writing, listening, passe compose with avoir / etre Schoolshape Fête de la Science-Fiction: Listen and invite a friend listening Schoolshape Coupe du monde 2010 Les faits: Presentation Speaking Schoolshape A L'Hôtel: Role-play practice speaking, listening Schoolshape Les Requins nous font peur verbs, writing, speaking, adjectives, present tense, prepositions and conjunctions Schoolshape First Conjugation '-er' French Verbs: Manger = to eat verbs, writing, speaking, listening Schoolshape Second Conjugation -ir French Verbs: Finir = to finish verbs, writing, speaking, listening Schoolshape Third Conjugation -re Verbs Attendre = to wait verbs, writing, speaking, listening Schoolshape Irregular Verb Avoir = to have verbs, writing, speaking, listening Schoolshape Irregular verb: être - to be verbs, writing, speaking, listening Schoolshape Irregular verb: aller = to go verbs, writing, speaking, listening Schoolshape Irregular verb: dormir = to sleep verbs, writing, speaking, listening Schoolshape Irregular verb: pouvoir - to be able / can verbs, writing, speaking, listening Schoolshape Que fais-tu comme sport à la maison? Speaking Schoolshape Information Aéroport de Marseille listening, travel & directions Schoolshape Mon Emploi du Temps Listening, at school Schoolshape Household Tasks speaking, listening, house and home Schoolshape The French Alphabet adverbs, speaking, listening Schoolshape Que fais-tu pour gagner de l'argent de poche? reading, speaking, house and home Schoolshape Un grand joueur de tennis reading, speaking Schoolshape Ma Maison: Presentation writing, speaking, listening, house and home
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